The Amphibious ATV: Why This Off-Road Vehicle Is the Biggest Deal to Hit the Trails, Ever

May 15th, 2019 by

What can climb, swim, handle tough terrain in all seasons and weather conditions, and carry up to six people?

I’ll give you a hint; it’s not Superman. But it may be the next best thing —it’s an amphibious ATV, and it’s the biggest deal to hit the trails, ever.

If you love outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and off-roading excursions, then you’ll love having an amphibious ATV with you on your next adventure.

It’s the gear that you never knew you needed, and once you own one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

What is an amphibious ATV, you ask? Keep reading to learn more!


The Amphibious ATV Is a Magnificient Beast

With both land and water capabilities, the amphibious ATV truly is an all-terrain vehicle. Developed in the 1960s, the amphibious ATV quickly gained popularity for industry work as well as outdoor recreational activities.

They typically come equipped with six low-pressure tires, which allow them to float in the water and crawl effortlessly over rough terrain. 8×8 models can be found, as well.

Most amphibious ATVs can carry up to six people on land and can hold four in the water. Don’t have three friends? No problem that means more room for your cargo!

By now, you’re probably considering purchasing one of your own. Here is why you should purchase an amphibious ATV, specifically an Argo ATV:


It Has Serious Terrain Capabilities 

Do you plan on climbing steep mountain slopes? Crawling over large rocks and branches? Is the ground too soft and muddy?

However rough, steep, or uneven the trails, amphibious ATVs like Argos are designed for rugged landscapes. These all-terrain vehicles are built strong and light for low pressure and traction to get you through the mud, swamp, and snow. 

Silt, muck, soft soils, sand, and even flood-like conditions are no match for this ATV! 

Argo ATVs are also constructed with an integral skid-plate and high ground clearance to prevent you from bottoming out and getting stuck on those large obstacles. 

With an Argo ATV, you’ll be able to access those remote places that your average off-road vehicle can’t. 


They Are More Efficient 

Unlike other ATV’s, Argo uses a mechanical drive system rather than a hydrostatic drive system. The mechanical transmission combined with the CVT (continuously variable transmission) guarantees an optimized performance. 

This means better fuel efficiency, lower top speed and less payload. Especially during water use. It also provides better handling.

With Argo, you will also have the advantage of all-wheel drive on all vehicles. Whether you choose to drive one of the 6×6 or the 8×8 models, you will have total control. 


They Offer Better Stability 

Argo ATVs, compared to your traditional UTVs and ATVs, are four times less likely to roll over.

On land, the 8×8 model has a top speed of 23 mph, depending on the load. Considering the terrain you’ll most likely be facing, speeding and flipping over won’t be a concern.

These all-terrain vehicles have the lowest center of gravity in the industry. Their attachments are designed, engineered, and tested to lower the impact of SSF (Static Stability Factor). 

Even at maximum capacity, their payloads remain low to the ground to maintain the stability of the vehicle in motion. It’s possibly the safest and most stable amphibious ATV on the market today.


Did We Mention That They Can Swim?

With an Argo ATV, you can ditch your tow hitch and drive into your next fishing trip.

This ATV can power right through swamps and slow-moving streams as well as ponds, rivers, and lakes. As long as conditions are calm, there’s no limit to where it can float.

The Argo all-terrain vehicles have webbed tires that were specially designed for a smooth transition from land to water —and back again. No hitch, no dismounting, no effort. 

Going ice fishing? Crossing over a frozen pond? No problem. Those webbed tires will help you crawl out of the water if the ice breaks beneath you!

Most models have a top speed of 3 mph in the water. However, they have an outward motor option, which allows them to reach up to 10 mph. It’s not exactly a speed boat, but it’s still pretty impressive.

These ATVs are the perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure, especially if you plan on fishing.


It Can Help You Do More for Less 

Argo ATVs have a maximum load capacity of about 1,500 pounds. They can also tow approximately 2,000 pounds. Combined with their all-terrain capabilities, this makes them the perfect alternative to heavy machinery at most work sites.

Whether it be for agricultural, government, or other industrial use, an Argo ATV will allow access to the most remote worksites in all seasons. They also cost less than most heavy-duty equipment needed at job sites, and they can manage the same hauling duties with more efficiency.

Their versatility on land and water also makes them great for natural disaster relief and emergency situations. You can’t be too prepared for a zombie apocalypse, can you?


They’re Just the Right Amount of Green 

Argos have a ground pressure of 1.06 psi, which allows them to tread lightly. This means that they won’t destroy vegetation as they carry you through the different types of terrain.

These ATVs also have a completely sealed body so that they won’t leak any mechanical fluids onto the soil, snow, sand or into the water. 

They’re still gasoline-powered, but at least they won’t leave anything toxic behind. You can adventure with the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t destroying the environment because Argo vehicles are designed to leave a minimal footprint. 


Are You Thinking About Owning an Amphibious ATV?

An amphibious ATV will make a great addition to your next outdoor adventure. It’ll combine transportation with entertainment for the whole family, and it’ll come in handy if a zombie apocalypse occurs. 

If you’re in the market for an Argo ATV or any amphibious ATV, we’re the perfect ATV dealer for you. We have the largest selection of Argos for Sale —you can also check out ATV inventory!

We even offer argo rentals so you can try one before you purchase it. We look forward to providing you with the best experience around!


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