Boat Winterization

Boat Winterization

Almost all boaters in Manitoba don’t get the option of choosing whether or not to winterize your boat/watercraft. With the cold Manitoba winters, unless you have a reliable heated garage or storage facility, you are required to winterize your boat to prevent expensive repairs.

Westshore Marine specializes in Boat Winterization and Boat Repairs with extensive experience with inboards, sterndrives, and outboard motors. Some of the most common asked questions we receive in regards to Boat Winterizations we answer below.


What Does A Boat Winterization Include?

Every marine dealership has a different process for winterizing a boat and what’s included but here is a list of what we include in our Boat Winterization Service. The process is similar but different depending on the style of boat or watercraft. When winterizing your boat we don’t like to just do the minimum as some dealers do, we check a few additional things because no one wants issues next season with the short boating season.


An Outboard Boat Winterization Includes:

  • We Run and Flush your Engine
  • If you have a 4-Stroke, we change your engine oil and filter
  • We change your gear/lower unit oil
  • We check your charging system
  • Check Shifter and Throttle Cables
  • Stabilizer your Fuel
  • We charge/disconnect your batteries
  • Visually Inspect Prop (while it runs and once it’s stationary)
  • We Fog Your Boat Engine
  • Grease Shaft & Prop
  • Check Your Gauge Operation
  • Inspect Water Separator Filter / Change if needed
  • Inspection of your boat trailer, wheels, bearings


An Inboard Boat Winterization Includes:

  • Run up Engine
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Change of Lower Unit Oil
  • Check Charging System
  • Check Shifter & Throttle Cables
  • Replace Water Separator Filters (If Required)
  • Check Belts & Pulleys
  • Fog Engine
  • Stabilize Fuel
  • Check Gauges
  • Charge/Disconnect Battery
  • Grease Stern
  • Remove Drain Plugs in Block & Manifold
  • Check Cooling System
  • Remove Water Pump Hoses & Drain Water
  • Pour Antifreeze in Block
  • Inspection of your boat trailer, wheels, bearings


How Much Does Boat Winterization Cost

We charge the following for our boat/watercraft winterizations

Boat / Engine

$149.99 – 2-Stroke Outboards
$229.99 – 4-Stroke Outboard
$229.99 – Inboard Engine Boats
$299.99 – Dual Engine (Add $100 if has ballast system)
$179.99 – Personal Watercraft (Seadoo / Waverunner)


*Parts & Lubricants Extra

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Is A Boat Winterization Necessary?

Yes, almost always. Living anywhere in Manitoba the weather gets below freezing which can cause serious harm to your engine block and components. Without proper precautions being followed before storing your boat it can lead to a really expensive spring/summer boating season.


If you store your boat in a heated garage or storage facility, you can get away without winterizing your boat. You should still do your regular boat service and oil change.


How Long Does a Boat Winterization Last?

If done properly a boat winterization should last until spring or your next use. If you are planning on winterizing it and putting it in storage for a longer period, it should be fine. When bringing it out of storage after a year or more of storage make sure you check the hoses for dry rot which happens to some rubber parts from lack of use. Also, remember to change your impeller before you launch your boat as it can experience dry rot as well.


For long periods of storage/winterization make sure your boat is in a well-ventilated area to avoid mold and mildew from growing. Also periodically check on your shrink wrapping to make sure it’s holding up to the weather.


Another issue you may run into is bad or expired gas when you bring it out of storage, so make sure you use fuel stabilizer before storage and check the gas quality before you launch your boat and start drifting away and get to call for help.


Boat Shrink Wrapping

Boat Shrinkwrapping is also available. It is based on the boat style (Pontoon, fishing, Cabin Cruiser) and is based on the overall size of the boat is measured by the foot. Call us with the style and size of your boat for a quote. 1-204-376-3660


Why Choose Westshore Marine For Your Boat Winterization

If you’re looking for boat winterization in the Winnipeg, MB or Interlake area, Westshore Marine is the service center you have been looking for. Westshore Marine is one of Manitoba’s largest Boat Dealerships located just north of Winnipeg Manitoba, in Arborg. We sell and service many of the great manufacturers including Lund Fishing Boats, Bennington Pontoon Boats, Berkshire Pontoon Boats, Evinrude BRP, Mercury Marine, Yamaha Outboard Engines, and Inboard Engines, and Jet Drives.

Besides all the great marine products we sell and service we also do Polaris and Yamaha ATV’s, Side by Sides, and Snowmobiles. Contact us below or give us a call at 204-376-3660.


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