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The Bennington brand is known for producing upscale boats, and their reputation precedes them. With that in mind, the Bennington QX25 is one of their high-end models that is known for performance and design. These pontoon-style boats are among the best you can buy in general, and you'll love how comfortable the seats and floor plans are.

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury boating, the Bennington QX25 is the final word and is a premium model you're sure to enjoy. Not only does it instantly amaze, but the QX25 is a comfortable ride for everyone on board. With the right motor, this boat can go quite fast and keeps a plane even at high speeds.

General Information

This section will cover necessary information about the Bennington QX25 line such as floor plans, overall materials, and other general info so that you understand why this boat is so fantastic. The majority of QX25 boats are between 27 to 28 feet long. Rated for up to 15 passengers, the QX25 line up ensures you and all your friends can have an amazing adventure on the open water.

Like many of the other Bennington models, the QX25 offers quilted vinyl that is extremely comfortable and offers a lovely aesthetic. There are numerous colour combinations, but regardless of which colour you choose, the vinyl will always look fantastic. This is a boat made for those who love both performance and aesthetics. Benches are available both behind and in front of the captain's chair.

Most but not all the QX25 boats have a forward-raked arch that makes towing the boat much easier, plus it completes the look and gives the QX25 more aesthetic weight. Speaking of weight, the QX25 averages about 4,100 pounds.

While we will cover performance in more detail later, this boat works with a single outboard motor. As a pontoon-style boat, the QX25 brand is highly mobile, and there is a sports package that significantly improves performance.

The most salient Bennington QX25 features include:

  • Made with quality materials throughout, including stainless steel, zebrawood, fibreglass, and the quilted vinyl
  • Highly comfortable and rated for a maximum of 15 people, perfect for many friends or for allowing people to stretch out
  • Numerous packages allow you to customize performance, especially with the sports package
  • Large 37-gallon fuel capacity to ensure you have hours of fun even at top speeds
  • Delivers in all major areas, definitely a boat worthy of the famous Bennington brand

For those who love the best of life, the Bennington QX25 line is exactly what you need. The QX15 is one of their top lines, and it's easy to see why. The design and performance are among the best of the Bennington line, and you can fit up to 15 people. For those who want the best, the Bennington QX25 line is the right choice for you.


Starting At

$94,838 USD


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