Boat Motor & Outboard Motor Repairs

Inboard / Outboard Motor Repair Services

Outboard/Inboard Motor Repairs

When your out enjoying the summer, the last thing you want to do is worry about your boat needing any major repairs or services. We always recommend having your boat inspected every fall/winter to make sure by the time spring comes, you are ready for the water. Westshore Marine offers a full range of Boat repairs and multi-point inspections to make sure you are prepared to hit the water. We also have a fully staffed service department, so heaven forbid if your boat does need some work done, we can get you in and back on the water without significant delay or wait times.

Oil Changes

Changing your oil on your outboard or inboard motor is one of the most important things you can do when owning a boat. Oil changes should be done depending on use, but we recommend changing it once a year in either spring or fall during your boat winterization service. If you are using your boat every weekend or frequently, you should complete an oil/fluid change twice a year based on hours. A basic engine oil change includes changing of oil, filter, lubricating and visual inspection of motor/boat.

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Engine Tune-Up Service

If you have owned your boat for two or more years, we recommend you complete an Engine Tune-Up Performance service to make sure your motor is working correctly and not going to leave you stranded.

Outboard Tune-Up Includes:

Engine Performance/Diagnostics Report (If Available)

Oil Change

Bottom End/Gearcase Oil Change

Replace Nuts & Bolts as required

Grease Engine & Prop Shaft

Replace Spark Plugs

Replace Fuel Filter

Run-Up Engine/Check Operation

Inspect Anodes – Replace if Needed

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Outboard Oil Change – $119.99 + Parts

Inboard IO Single Oil Change – $155.99 + Parts

Outboard/Inboard Motor Tune-Up – $299.99 + Parts


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