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Bennington is a brand recognized for their beautiful pontoon-style boats. Every model in their lineup is known for exemplifying sophisticated design and power, making the Bennington Q25 a highly desirable boat. Unlike some of the Bennington models that only have a few floor plans, the Q25 line is highly versatile and there are many floor plans to select from.

This boat is ideal for those who want the boat to be perfect, to be exactly what they're looking for. No matter which floor plan you choose, this is a boat that delivers on all fronts.

General Information

This section will cover many aspects of the Bennington Q25 in general. For more info, be sure to check the other specific sections. One of the Q25's greatest strengths is that it offers many floor plans, more than nearly any other Bennington model. The size ranges from about 27' to 30' depending on which exact floor plan you select.

The floor plans have different seating arrangements. There's the quad bench that offers two benches up front and two benches near the back for spacious seating. The swingback seat allows passengers to face forwards or backwards with ease. Stern lounge seating has two large benches facing towards the back for vista views. Club seating has a large sectional that allows everyone to face each other and talk. Lastly, there's the entertainment floor plans that have small dinettes and bars.

All the Bennington Q25 models connect to a single outboard motor, which gives you plenty of power. There are several beam types you can choose from at the bottom of the pontoon including thin, standard, and wide. Thin beams are better at performance, wide is best at stability, and standard beams mix the two.

All seats, regardless of the floor plan, are upholstered in Simtex premium vinyl. Not only is this a very comfortable material, but it's the same seating found on yachts and other expensive vessels. You can choose from multiple color options to suit your preferences.

Pontoons make great economical use of space, and the Bennington Q25 is no different. All storage is hidden, but there's a surprising amount of storage available for food, drinks, clothes, and any other luggage you need. Just flip up the seats and you'll see large storage containers underneath. It's easy and ensures you can hold everything you need.

Some of the best Bennington Q25 features include:

  • Numerous floor plans to choose from with many seating options
  • Simtex vinyl seats are easy to color and are incredibly comfortable
  • Fast and makes great use of fuel for all-day fun
  • Made from quality materials and is truely a luxury pontoon
  • Tons of storage under all the seats

If you want a boat that will impress everyone, then the Bennington Q25 is exactly what you're looking for. Not only does the Q25 look fantastic, but it's also very functional. From high speeds to lots of storage, this is a boat that will serve all your needs. Get this boat if you demand excellence and you want the best on the market.


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$96,666 USD


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