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The Bennington 188SF is one of the many models from the renowned Bennington brand. You've likely heard of Bennington already, but for those who haven't, this is one of the best boat brands out there, period. They offer top-tier, balanced performance when it comes to speed and design. Few boats can beat them in any area, and no boats beat them overall.

The Bennington 188SF model itself is one of their entry-level boats. While this means its price tag is more affordable, you're still getting many of the luxury features known to the Bennington brand. If you're looking for a fantastic boat that will make you the star of the marina, then the 188SF is right for you.

General Information

This section will cover many of the general aspects of the Bennington 188SF. For more specific information, check the other sections. Bennington 188SF is an entry-level model that offers many luxury features, fantastic seating, and tons of benefits. There are two different 188SF floor plans to choose from.

Both 188SF models have narrow beams. This means that the 188SF excels at going fast and cutting through water. These beams are best if performance is your priority. They keep the boat steady and maintain plane, but they're best at ensuring this boat can go fast.

The two floor plans are nearly identical and are both the same length. Both have an L-bench in the center of the boat and two bass seats near the front. The major difference is in the back. The 188SF has a small L-bench in the back. The 188SF3, the other model, has two bass seats in the back. They are both able to fit about 10 passengers, it just depends on which seating you prefer. The former allows people to sit closer while the latter gives both passengers in the back their own, separate seats.

Speaking of seating, you'll be happy to know that all the benches and chairs here are upholstered with Simtex vinyl. Not only does this vinyl come in numerous colors, which means you can choose exactly how your Bennington 188SF boat looks, but it's the same material used with yacht seating. It's comfortable and every passenger will love the feeling.

This boat is great for enjoying the open water or fishing. The bass seats make it simple to cast and watch for fish, but you can fish from any seat. Not only that, but you'll notice that the construction is beautiful. Every aspect of this boat has been made with precision.

The 188SF works with a single outboard motor. Don't worry, that one motor is going to be enough for high speed fun. This is covered more in the Performance section, but you'll find this is enough to make you feel the air whipping against your skin.

Some of the best Bennington 188SF features include:

  • Made from quality materials like aluminum, Simtex vinyl, and more
  • Easy to customize with different colors for the seats, siding, and more
  • Two floor plans to choose from so you can select either an L-bench or bass seats
  • The narrow beams prioritize performance
  • Tons of storage under all the seats

If you're looking for a luxury pontoon that equally balances design and performance, then there's none better than the Bennington 188SF. This is a wonderful boat that will definitely be noticed everywhere you go. Get it today and see for yourself why Bennington is the best brand on the market.


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$18,649 USD


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