Bennington 22 SSX (Rear Fish) - Review


Welcome to the Bennington 22 SSX also referred to as a rear fishing style pontoon, one of the fanciest boats from the famous Bennington lineup. Bennington is known for providing some of the best pontoon-style boats on the market. Their brand carries an air of sophistication not found with most other similar boats, so you'll easily be the best at the marina.

While sophistication is fantastic, you'll also find that Bennington doesn't skimp on performance. The Bennington 22 SSX, along with the rest of their models, function in the upper tier and maintain plane at high speeds and during less than ideal conditions. For those who want a boat that effortlessly mixes aesthetics and power, then the Bennington 22 SSX is exactly what you're looking for.

General Information

This section will cover many aspects of the Bennington 22 SSX to give you a general idea of what to expect from this model. Be sure to check the other sections for more detailed information. There are two different 22SSX models to choose from: 22SSX and 22SSX APG. Both are nearly identical in every way except one.

Both have rear fishing seats along with a center fishing station towards the back. Benches can be found near the front and an L-bench is located closer to the center. They are even the same length of 24'7. The only discernible difference comes with the motor. While both have a section near the back for a single outboard motor, the major difference is how the motor connects with the boat. The 22SSX puts it right outside the boat while the 22SSX APG brings it closer within the floor plan. The latter is somewhat easier to interact with, but both are safe.

The Bennington 22 SSX has two pontoons on the bottom. This gives you amazing control and ensures the boat is balanced in all situations. Considering the size and seating, this boat is rated for a maximum of 10 people. Bennington is focused on giving you a beautiful and comfortable ride. As such, all 10 people will have plenty of room to stretch their legs and the Simtex vinyl (which comes in many colors) is comfortable and gives the boat a sports car vibe of sophistication.

You'll find plenty of storage around the boat for drinks, tackle if you're fishing, and any other luggage you're bringing aboard. The cup holders, stereos, and many other areas are connected to LED lights and you can choose from 13 different colors. This allows you to set the mood and makes the Bennington 22 SSX an ideal party boat for having fun on the open waters.

Some of the best Bennington 22 SSX features include:

  • Rated for 10 people and will keep everyone comfortable with Simtex vinyl seating
  • Choose from many different color combinations and enjoy the beauty and sophistication
  • Made with quality materials like stainless steel and fiberglass
  • Mixes performance and beauty in a way rarely seen with other brands
  • Has LED lighting options throughout the boat and you can choose from 13 different colors

If you're looking for a fast, powerful, and lovely boat, then the Bennington 22 SSX is exactly what you need. Bennington is known for making the best and the 22SSX is just one example of their dedication to excellence. Get this model and start exploring the open seas in style.


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38,496 USD


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