Bennington G23 Swingback - Review


Bennington is a brand recognized around the world for making some of the best pontoon-style boats on the market. Their dedication to excellence has situated them as a top-tier provider of luxury boats. The Bennington G23 Swingback is a large model with many features and a prominent swingback seat that is comfortable and allows people to easily view either the front or back of the boat.

If you're interested in the Bennington G23 Swingback, then be sure to read on to find out more about its features and why this is one of the most popular Bennington models in their lineup.

General Information

This section will discuss some of the general aspects of the Bennington G23 Swingback. You can view more specific and detailed information in the other sections. To start, the G23 Swingback is best known for its swingback seat. This innovative design uses a large, prominent seat that can fit about three people. With a small adjustment, you can choose whether to face forward or backward.

The G23 Swingback comes in two different layouts, each with this swingback seat. Both are 25'9 and have many of the same layout features. There are benches up front and the captain's chair is in the center. One model features a large L-bench while the other has a smaller seat but an additional chair.

Like most other Bennington models, this one is equipped for a single outboard motor. The helm is raised for extra comfort and functionality. All seats are upholstered in Simtex vinyl and there are thousands of color combinations to choose from.

Premium sound is available and there are LED lights built into the speakers that allow you to really customize the experience. All runner seats can open up and store cold drinks and food, giving you extra storage along with ensuring you have a cold drink ready at all times.

In general, the Bennington G23 Swingback is a premium boat with many features that allow you to explore the open waters in luxury.

Some of the best Bennington G23 Swingback features include:

  • Features a prominent swingback seat that fits three people and is simple to operate, allows you to sit either forward or backward
  • Thousands of color combinations available for the sides and Simtex vinyl seats
  • Very safe pontoon boat that can cut through even harsh waters with ease
  • Great with fuel consumption and will easily last all day, even if you're going at top speed

If you want a luxury boat that looks great and performs just as well, then the Bennington G23 Swingback is easily the right choice for you. Bennington is known as one of the best providers of pontoons and the G23 Swingback shows exactly why. Pick your favorite floor plan and get yours today.


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$55,588 USD


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