Lund Alaskan 2000 - Review


Today, there are different boat models explicitly built for speed, performance, or toughness for any water bodies. Depending on what you'll like to use the boat for, you'll surely find a boat that fits your requirements and pocket. From powerboats to fishing and sailboats, there is a lot you can choose from. However, today, we are going to discuss the Lund Alaskan 2000 boat review and why it's so popular.

There are countless reasons why seasoned outdoorsmen and hunters prefer this Alaskan fishing and hunting boat. This boat can withstand the toughest waters and waves that can be dished out by mother nature. They come in three categories: side console, tiller, and full windshield boats. You can as well find camo wetlands or fall marsh packages that are perfect for duck or goose hunting. The Lund Alaskan 2000 boat is capable of getting you the prized walleye, bass or musky in any condition. Let us take a look at some of its characteristics in terms of design, safety, technology, and performance.

Engine and Capacities:

The Lund Alaskan 2000 has excellent engine power with a minimum engine power of 60 HP and a maximum of 125 HP. Its fuel capacity is 27 gallons with a front Livewell capacity of 18 gallons. It has three seats that allow for a 7-seater capacity (2100lbs).

Lund Alaskan 2000 Storage Capabilities:

Storage is crucial, especially for fishing boats, and you can always use more of it during your catch. Lund Alaskan 2000 has innovative storage additions. Some of them include gunnel storage, rod lockers, and battery storage compartments.

Great Resale Value

The Lund Alaskan 2000 has excellent resale value. You could own this boat for five to ten years and resale it for the original cost you bought it. Many dealers love dealing with these types of boats because of their high resale values on the current market.

Based on the facts above, it is accurate to say that the Lund Alaskan 2000 is an excellent boat with sheer toughness. This boat has all the qualities you can look for perfect for fishing. With the options of the full windshield, tiller, or side console, this boat can withstand the strongest winds and rough waters.


Starting At

20,209 USD


Max Horsepower


Max Capacity (People)


Fuel Capacity (Gallons)

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