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The Bennington 20 SLX is like the sports car of the boating world. Bennington is hailed as a top brand because it looks great, offers top-tier performance, and is easily one of the best pontoons you can ever own. Unlike some boats that only look flashy but offer little substance, the Bennington 20 SLX is a powerhouse.

There are several floor plans to choose from along with customization options to make this boat perfect for you. Read on to see why the 20 SLX is one of the best of the best at any marina. Bennington's reputation is instantly recognizable and it's easy to see why.

General Information

This section will go over general aspects of the Bennington 20 SLX. Be sure to check the other sections for more specific info. The 20 SLX offers three different floor plans. Each floor plan is around 21' and very similar, but there are some differences to be aware of.

The default 20 SLX has two benches in the front and an L-bench near the center. The 20 SLMX is nearly identical, but it offers an extended bow deck for a little extra legroom. The 20 SLLX offers similar furniture, but the benches up front are extended and seat an additional two people. Regardless of which you choose, all three are beautiful and have the same fantastic features.

All seating with Bennington is upholstered in Simtex vinyl. This premium, soft-touch material is supportive and wraps around the body in a comfortable embrace. On top of that, this is the same vinyl used with yachts. You'll also be happy to know that this vinyl is easy to dye, so there are plenty of color combinations.

You can attach one outboard motor to the Bennington 20 SLX. This will give you plenty of speed, as you'll see in the performance section, and the 20 SLX keeps plane even in bad conditions. As a pontoon-style boat, this craft is made for speed and stability. Pontoons are naturally fast and safe, a combination you don't see with many other boats, but that's exactly what Bennington is offering.

It's rare to find a boat that hits all the right marks, but that's what you're getting with the 20 SLX. It's a fast, safe, beautiful craft that looks like a sports car on the water. It will become the gem of the marina and anyone who sees it will know your dedication to excellence.

If you're looking for a premium craft that won't let you down, that offers nothing but beauty at all angles, then the Bennington 20 SLX is exactly what you've been looking for. It performs great in all conditions, has a high top speed, has a sports car aesthetic, and offers many color combinations. Buy it today and see why Bennington is the best of the best.


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