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An Argo 8×8 Amphibious Vehicle is a unique beast designed to get into the harshest environments. Westshore Marine specializes in all things Argo-related including Argo Rentals and is located just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We carry and service a large selection of Argo Amphibious Vehicles which are ready for whatever you throw at them. Come find out why so many companies choose Westshore Marine for their Argo 8×8 Rentals and rely on team Westshore to keep them moving whether it’s surveying or exploration we have you covered.

All our Argo’s come equipped with what you need including ROPs (Roll Over Protection System), Windshield, Winch, and Tracks as needed!


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Argo 8×8 Rental FAQ

What do I need to rent an Argo?

All of our vehicles require you to be 18+ Years of age and have an active driver’s license along with a credit card for a damage deposit.

Is there a mileage limit on your rentals?

No, our Argo’s are unlimited mileage unless otherwise stated.

How much notice do you need before I can rent?

All our rentals are scheduled online and in real-time, if the online scheduler says the dates are available then you are safe! Book accordingly and plan in advance as our rentals book up quickly!

How much does it cost to rent an Argo?

Each vehicle we rent is unique and different so the price varies. The best bang for your buck is long-term rentals for the cheapest Argo rental prices.

Can you direct bill my company for my argo retal?

Yes, depending if your companies have worked with us in the past we can direct bill them if required. This requires you to contact us directly versus using the online booking system.