Should You Shrink Wrap Your Own Boat?

March 31st, 2019 by


As winter approaches, some of you may be looking into storing your boat until the end of the season. Although there are those who are still interested in boating during winter, most boat owners prefer to store theirs away from the harsh elements of winter.


While storing their boats, responsible boat owners know that it’s not a simple store-and-go. There are a lot of steps that should be accomplished before successfully storing your boat. In the process of winterizing your boat, you need to check and fix the outboard and inboard engines, fuel, freshwater systems, and interior, among others. Another thing that you should take into consideration is deciding whether you should shrink wrap your boat after winterizing it or not.



What is a shrink wrap?


You may have heard of shrink wrapping a boat before. Many would argue that shrink wrapping a boat is one of the most important steps in protecting it during winter. However, most people do not know exactly what shrink wrap is, and what it is made of. To know if you should consider using it or not, you should at least know the basics about shrink wrap and how it can help your boat.


Shrink wrap is basically a layer of polyethylene used to fit around an object for protection. In the shrink wrap process, the whole wrap is made to shrink around the body of whatever object it is placed upon. Perhaps one of the most-known shrink wrapping companies is Dr. Shrink— a leader in shrink wrapping.



Benefits of shrink wrapping your boat before storage


Now that you have a general idea of what a shrink wrap is, learning how it can help your boat is the next thing you should know. Using a boat shrink wrap has a lot of direct and indirect benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using a marine shrink wrap cover on your boat before winter storage:



  • It protects your boat from various elements


Having a boat cover beats having none at all, but there are some things that a normal boat cover wouldn’t be able to do that shrink wrap can. Since it basically molds itself on your boat, this type of cover is tighter than any normal tarp covering you can find. Elements such as ice, water, and strong winds wouldn’t be able to penetrate in a boat which has undergone a good shrink wrap process.



  • It safeguards your boat from the sun


When you let your boat sit out under the sun for a long time, its exterior can start to fade and dry out. This could cost you a lot in the long run, as you might need to get your boat detailed just to restore its exterior’s quality. Apart from the cost of exterior repairs, you wouldn’t be able to use your boat during peak season due to the process of repair. To be on the safe side, it would be preferable to have your boat covered with shrink wrap before storage.



  • It protects your boat from graffiti or tampering


One of the worst things that could happen to your boat is being vandalized through graffiti. Your boat’s exterior is important, and having that repaired will cost you a lot of money. Having a shrink wrap cover will prevent graffiti from sticking to the surface of your boat after the shrink wrap has been removed. With a shrinkwrapped boat, you would not need to worry about an exterior overhaul after storage.



  • It immediately informs you of tampering or subtle boat damages


Probably one of the best things about a shrink wrap is it covers your entire boat as tightly as possible. With that level of protection, having slight changes in the covering will immediately let you know if your boat has been intentionally or accidentally damaged or tampered with during storage. You would be able to track subtle damages post-storage with a shrink wrap, as areas with non-sticking and damaged shrink wraps will be noticeable.



  • It lengthens the lifespan of your boat


The better the protection you provide your boat, the longer it would last. Using a shrink wrap film to cover even the sharp corners of your boat will ensure maximum protection during storage. With that level of safety and security from external elements, doing constant repairs will not happen as often as before. You only need good maintenance services every now and then, and your boat will be good to go for the years to come.



The cost of using shrink and stretch wrap as a boat cover


Shrinkwrapping your boat is recommended for almost all boat owners. However, not all can afford to do this. You should know that unlike other types of boat maintenance processes, the shrink wrap process cannot be done by yourself, especially if you have no prior experience. How to videos wouldn’t cut it in the shrink wrap process, and using alternative materials will not save your boat as well.


You need a couple of vital materials in shrink wrapping, such as a propane-fired heat gun, preservation tape, and a stretch wrap. These materials are not cheap, nor are they easy to operate. One wrong move with the propane-fired heat gun and you can damage your boat beyond basic repair. You will need to tape over the fuel vent, protect sharp corners with padding, and perform other steps to ensure the safety of your boat before the shrink-wrapping process.


For that reason, it is recommended that you visit experienced professionals instead. Shrink wrapping services are not cheap as well, so you need to decide if the benefits to shrink-wrapping your boat will outweigh the costs.



Shrink wrap your boat with Westshore Marine & Leisure


From our perspective, it is always a good thing to always be on the safe side of boat safety and security. The shrink wrap process may not be cheap, but it is definitely more affordable than the costly repairs due to the exterior and interior damages that might come without boat shrink wraps.


Let Westshore Marine & Leisure help you protect your boat now! To know more about our products and services, contact us today!