6 Reasons Why an ATV is a Great Investment

January 31st, 2023 by


You may have rented an all-terrain vehicle at some point and experienced the time of your life driving it on a trail. Such experiences can be incredibly thrilling and may sell you on the idea of purchasing your very own ATV. However, your partner might not agree with your decision.

In most cases, you won’t be able to change their mind by simply telling them how fun riding an ATV is. Therefore, you should present a case for why an ATV is a great investment. The good news is that there is no shortage of such reasons.

In this guide, we will go over the various reasons why it is worth investing in one of these fantastic off-road vehicles. So let’s get rolling!


1. Avoiding Rental Hassles

The simplest and most obvious reason to invest in an ATV is that it gives you the freedom to go on off-road trails whenever you want. You simply need to check the weather forecast, see if the trails are open and load your ATV onto your trailer hitch for a day of fun and excitement.

This is preferable to renting an ATV, as that approach requires you to visit a dealership and look through their ATV rental selection each time you need an off-road four-wheeler. In some cases, the ATV you want to rent might not be available. In this situation, you may need to reschedule your plans or settle for a less ideal ATV.

Owning an ATV helps eliminate this issue because you will always get to retain possession of your off-road four-wheeler and take it for a spin on a whim.


2. Putting your ATV to work

A few great reasons an ATV is a great investment is they are used as a tool in many industries to make money or make a job easier. They are used to clear snow, help with landscaping, and transport employees in and out of job sites. All of these options make reduce costs and overhead and help justify and pay for the ATV’s use.


3. Getting Some Extra Exercise

People don’t usually associate driving a vehicle with exercise. After all, a vehicle’s primary purpose is to take you long distances without having to walk. However, operating an ATV or UTV is another thing entirely.

Sitting on an off-road vehicle for even a short amount of time can feel like a full body workout, because it is. Riding an ATV entails many physical maneuvers such as lifting, pushing, and turning handles rapidly.

Performing these movements repeatedly for long stretches strengthens your arms, back, and legs, and also helps build endurance. While riding an ATV is no substitute for going to the gym and following a balanced exercise routine, it can still help you get some extra activity in.

For this reason, you should think of ATV driving as a form of active exercise rather than an idle hobby.


4. Making New Friends

Purchasing an ATV and hitting trails regularly can be a great way to meet people. There are also numerous ATV clubs across the country that are always welcoming new members. Joining one of these clubs is a way to become part of new social circles. This could be your ticket to making friends if you have recently moved to a new city or province where you don’t know anyone.

Hitting ATV trails in groups can also be an incredibly fun experience. There’s a unique type of enjoyment associated with riding side-by-side with fellow ATV riders who are just as passionate about this activity as you are. You can’t put a price on this feeling, but it will certainly make your four-wheel off-roading investment feel worth it.


5. Purchasing an Item That Retains Its Value

Purchasing a vehicle as an investment can be tricky. This is because some of them retain their value over time, while others depreciate rapidly. For example, BMW’s i3 and 7 Series lose approximately half their value after just five years.

The good news is that such rapid depreciation is uncommon with ATVs. While a new ATV will lose some value over time, it will experience a relatively slow depreciation rate. This is because ATVs are made from high-quality components that are meant to last for many years or even decades with the right care and maintenance.

Most new ATVs also come with a warranty. This means you can get most issues with your ATV fixed for free in your first year of ownership.

You might not be able to sell an ATV at a profit due to the depreciation mentioned above. However, you will be losing only a few hundred dollars in value each year. This is definitely worth it for the amount of enjoyment you can derive from owning your ATV.


6. Getting into ATV Racing

Powersports racing is another fun activity you can do when you own an ATV. There are many ATV racing tournaments held around the country each year, so you can try competing in ones that take place in your city. Owning an ATV is important if you wish to compete in such races, as an ATV rental service might not allow you to use one of their rentals for such purposes.

ATV racing offers the thrill of a new type of off-road adventure. However, it also gives you the chance to win prizes and money, which may help make up for the initial amount you spent on your ATV.


Should I Purchase a New or a Used ATV?

If the points mentioned above have convinced you to invest in an ATV, you might be wondering if it is better to purchase a new or a used one. The truth is that both new and used ATVs come with their pros and cons. Let’s examine some of these.


Retail Price

The most obvious difference between a new ATV and a used ATV is their sale price. A brand-new ATV from leading manufacturers such as Polaris and Yamaha will set you back anywhere from $2,800 to $20,000. This means a high-end ATV with a large engine size retails for almost as much as a pre-owned car.

As mentioned earlier, ATVs tend to depreciate in value over time. So you can expect a  four or five-year-old ATV to cost 30% less than its brand-new counterpart. This is a significant difference, but it might not matter once you count the other factors that separate new ATVs from used ones.



As mentioned earlier, new ATVs typically come with a limited warranty. For example, Honda offers a one-year warranty on all its ATVs. If your new ATV gets damaged within its first year, you can take it to any Honda service station and get it repaired for free. This helps you save on repair costs.

If you choose to purchase a used ATV, you probably won’t be able to take advantage of this warranty as it would have expired. This means you will need to foot the bill for any repairs your ATV requires, and this may impact how you feel about using it.

For example, if you don’t have extra cash to spare for ATV repairs, you might become reluctant to take it out on off-roading adventures through new and unexplored trails out of fear it will get damaged. By contrast, you might feel more confident about taking a new ATV with a warranty backing it out for a spin.



Maintenance costs also vary between new ATVs and used ones. Even the best ATV vehicles out there need to be maintained regularly to stay in working order. However, some of their internal components will still wear down over time and will need to be replaced.

Such replacements are rare for new ATVs. If you do need to replace a component in a brand new ATV, it is likely due to a manufacturing defect that will be covered by the warranty. This means you won’t need to spend too much money maintaining a new ATV.

Used ATVs can be a completely different story. Depending on the age and condition of the second-hand ATV you have purchased, you might need to replace many components the year you have purchased it. This means you may need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a used ATV back in working condition.


Finding the Perfect ATV for Your Needs

As you can see, both new and used ATVs could be a great investment depending on your needs and financial situation. The above guide should also help you decide whether a new or a used ATV is the right choice for you.

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