Plan Your Next Adventure: Top Manitoba Campgrounds to Consider This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner, and the time for planning your next vacation is now. If you’re seeking to spend some time in nature, Manitoba is the spot for you.

Filled with lakes, rivers, and a beautiful forest, this area is slammed packed with parks you can visit. And in Manitoba, there are truly options for everyone.

Whether you are looking to escape civilization and go on a multi-day hike, plan a relaxing stay in a cabin, or spend your days on a beach, this area can provide it with all. Keep reading for a list of the top Manitoba campgrounds!


Atikaki Wilderness Provincial Park

This park is located near Ontario’s border, just east of Lake Winnipeg. If you’re hoping to immerse yourself in the pure beauty of the natural world, this is an excellent spot.

Here you will find yourself among miles of Canadian forests, with a strong chance of coming in contact with local animals. Herds of caribou, along with elk and even bears have been spotted in this area.

But the forest isn’t all there is to offer. Atikaki also has beautiful rivers and lakes perfect for fishing or taking a ride in a boat or canoe. This park provides a few different lodging options through the Aiken Lake Wilderness Lodge.


Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Located near Saskatchewan, Duck Mountain Park is a perfect (and peaceful) spot to set up camp. These beautiful woodlands are filled with spruce and birch trees and are surrounded by crystal clear springs and wetlands. In this area, you can also find yourself in a flowery meadow. 

This park provides its guests with many different outdoor activities. You can fish, hike, or cycle here with the park having 19 miles of trails.

If you’re looking for a spectacular view, maybe make the hike up Baldy Mountain. The 2,727-foot journey up takes you to Manitoba’s highest peak.


Steep Rock Beach

If watching sunsets on the beach sounds like your ideal vacation, then this is the spot for you. Steep Rock Beach is located along the shore of Lake Manitoba, and this destination is well known for its breathtaking sunsets.

But you aren’t just limited to laying in the sand. This park also offers many walking trails, private coves, kayaking, and the chance for ATV-riding.

This location doesn’t have the name Steep Rock for no reason; many limestone rock formations are also located here ready for you to explore.  


Falcon Lake

If you want to feel secluded in nature but don’t want to be too far away from a neighbouring town, consider visiting Falcon Lake. Inside of Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Lake sits close to the Ontario/Manitoba border.

You can camp along Falcon Beach, a beautiful tree-covered area, and get a great view of the sunrise. But the best part about this location is that it is within walking distance from the neighbouring town. So if you needed to pick up something you forgot or just wanted to grab a bite to eat, you easily could.


Cripple Creek Campground

If family fun-filled activities are the atmosphere you’re looking for; this family-run Manitoba campground has more than enough to offer. Cripple Creek offers both RV and primitive camping to its guests.

It is also pet-friendly and comes with a dog park. Located inside of the Sandilands Provincial Forest, you have the option to bike, hike, ride ATVs, or relax at the local beach.

This campground also has beach volleyball and a game shed for a day filled with family activities. You can also purchase day passes for this park if an extended vacation doesn’t work for your schedule.  



Birds Hill Provincial Park

Home to the Winnipeg Folk Festival every July, this tranquil green space is one of the most popular camping destinations in the area. Containing a wide variety of native wildflowers, this park is the perfect place for a nice stroll and picnic.

Other activities offered here include horseback riding, fishing, and swimming and even paved trails for biking. And Birds Hill also includes a convenience store and a restaurant open to its guests. Birds Hill is located just northeast of Winnipeg.


Whiteshell Provincial Park

If you’re hoping to have a more rugged nature experience with less of a crowd, check out Whiteshell Provincial Park. Located about 2 ½ hours outside of Winnipeg, this area offers excellent multi-day hiking.

Your options to stay range from resorts to cabins to primitive camping, and this area is rarely crowded.

The Mantario trail is a popular route in this park. This trail is 37 miles out and back, making it the perfect multi-day backpacking adventure. Whiteshell is filled with rapid rivers, granite cliffs, and lush forests, so you never run out of things to see.


Nopiming Provincial Park

Nopiming is the Anishinabe word for “entrance to the wilderness,” and that’s precisely what you’re doing when visiting this breathtaking park.

Home to many different lakes, rivers, and places to set up camp, this is another location that is ideal for someone not looking to be in a crowded campsite. This Manitoba campground is one of the area’s most popular sites for canoeing.

This park also offers hiking trails, giving you the chance to see much of the native wildlife. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see wild caribou, wolves, and even moose.


Choosing Between Manitoba Campgrounds

No matter what campground you decide is the best fit for you; you are sure to enjoy all that Manitoba has to offer. This diverse environment is perfect for the outdoor lover or anyone who has an adventurous spirit. 

When planning your trip to one of the Manitoba campgrounds, keep in mind the activities offered. Whether it be boating, canoeing, or riding ATVs, you want to make sure you have everything you need. For all your boating and ATV needs, check our website


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