Boating While Pregnant – Everything You Need to Know

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You shouldn’t refrain from enjoying the activities you previously liked just because you are pregnant. Third-parties usually deem pregnant women as sensitive and vulnerable. However, while that may sometimes be the case, that doesn’t mean that their condition should hinder them from performing normal activities like other people.

There are a lot of activities that pregnant women can partake in while in the middle of their pregnancy. From basic exercising, working, to celebrating holidays, the sky is the limit when looking for pregnant women’s possible set of activities.


Boating: A fun and safe activity for pregnant women

One activity that pregnant women should have their eyes on is boating. It may seem dangerous to some. But with extra precaution, boat rides can be fun, entertaining, and most of all—safe.

You might be thinking: what should I need to do to prepare for a fulfilling boat ride while pregnant? Special precautions for pregnant women on boat rides do not stop at life jackets. To know more about the proper precautions for pregnant women during boating season, read up on everything you need to know when boating while pregnant.


Evaluating your condition when planning boat rides 

Generally, there’s no harm in boating while pregnant. However, this should be evaluated on a case-to-case basis. Some women have more complicated and high-risk pregnancies than others. Usual boating activities that women with normal pregnancies can do may aggravate complications in other women’s pregnancies. Here are some things you must consider when planning to go on a boating trip in the middle of your pregnancy:


  • Ask for professional medical advice

Before you think about joining a boating trip while pregnant, you must consult your physician first. There are numerous risks that come with boating, and not all of them can be solved by a life jacket. Their possible damages can be even more pronounced when dealt with pregnant women.

Apart from the general risks, pregnant women with complicated cases can have difficulty in getting immediate treatment when on a boat. Your doctors specialized in obstetrics and gynecology for a reason. They know what’s best for you and your baby. Approach them first before you commit to a boating trip while pregnant.


  • Check your pregnancy calendar

If you really want to go on a boating trip while pregnant, it is wise to plan it around your 2nd trimester. You may think that going on a short cruise while on your first trimester is preferable, but you actually have to be more careful in that stage of your pregnancy. Extreme outdoor activities can harm your baby while they’re still settling in your womb.

For the third trimester, it is already a given that boating can be extremely risky. You can give birth anytime during your last three months, depending on the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you’re just sitting down or water skiing in the open water. You should refrain from going boating in case you need to go to the hospital for urgent care.

Extra precautions must be taken before going anywhere or doing anything while pregnant. You are in a precarious situation, and you are not just holding your life in your hands. When booking boating trips, it is vital that you do not skip to other steps before evaluating your own condition first.


Consider the type of boat ride experience you should choose

 Boat rides can be fun and exciting for an avid boater. However, pregnant women shouldn’t trade in their safety just for the thrill of the ride. There are a lot of boat rides you can choose from when planning your trip. However, it is advisable to avoid water skiing or riding speedboats if you’re pregnant. Bumpy rides and big waves can harm you and your child easily when riding these particular boating contraptions. Since the coast guard will not always be at your beck and call, it is better to be on the safe side.

You can choose small boats like Lund Fishing Boats and foot boats for shorter cruises, or large ones if you want to go around for a while and explore. Just make sure that as soon as your third-trimester date approaches, you are on your way home from your cruise and near an obstetrics and gynecology expert. Having your third trimester away from home can be dangerous. It is even more high-risk if you spend it in the middle of open water. Choose the safest type of boat ride experience this boating season if you are in the middle of your pregnancy.


Safety precautions you should remember before and during your boating experience

 As soon as you have taken your pregnancy test and experienced pregnancy symptoms, you should begin to take extra precaution in every activity that you do. Even if you are an avid boater with years of experience, preparing for a boat ride while pregnant is going to be a completely new experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding small boats, foot boats, or large boats. If you want to have fun outdoor activities around the open water while pregnant, get ready and pray for good luck as you take these safety precautions in mind:


  • Keep your balance checked

Boating around calm waters may seem easy to most, but it can be quite dangerous if you are in the middle of your pregnancy. Your sense of balance and center of gravity is entirely different when you’re pregnant. Make sure to refrain from going near ledges and uneven platforms as motion sickness can come and attack anytime. As much as possible, walk slower and take it easy when exploring around the boat.


  • Always wear appropriate life jackets

One of the worst things you can do when in the middle of the open water while pregnant is to remove your life jacket. Accidents may happen anytime. You need to look out for yourself at all times, and life jackets can help you improve your chances of survival when in an accident. However, make sure that you get a special life jacket that fits you perfectly.

Ill-fitting or oversized life jackets are going to be useless, as they can slip away from your body in slippery conditions. It is also already a given that pregnant women should avoid wearing tight life jackets. There are numerous life jackets for pregnant women, and you should invest in one regardless if you are an avid boater or just a seasonal one.


  • Prepare for morning sickness

While morning sickness typically happens during the first and third trimester, it can easily happen during the 2nd trimester as well if certain conditions are present. The rocking movement of boats can easily trigger morning sickness, which can consequently cause motion sickness. Always have someone with you during boat rides, and lay down and rest when you begin to feel those pregnancy symptoms.


  • Stay hydrated at all times

You might be thinking: staying hydrated wouldn’t be a problem when you are in the middle of a big and calm body of water. However, that makes the case for drinking water even more important.

If you are in the middle of a cruise, you are most probably staying under the glare of the sun longer than what’s recommended. To recuperate, you need lots and lots of water. You also need to find shade as often as possible. Drinking water straight from the body of water is definitely out of the question. Only drink from clean sources of water, and make sure to pack a lot if you are going to be there for hours.


  • Always bring a first-aid kit and a pregnancy pack

You never know when accidents may happen. As a pregnant woman, you have to be even more careful as you are not just holding your life in your hands. For small boats and foot boats, a first aid kit and a pregnancy starter pack should always be present.

If you are on a cruise with a medical facility, make sure that you introduce your condition to the doctors first so they know how to deal with you when disaster strikes. Caring for your health is vital during this crucial stage in your life. Make sure to stay on the safe side while making the most of your short cruise when pregnant.


Have a fun and exciting boat ride experience even while pregnant

 While your list of activities will definitely be limited because of your pregnancy, not enjoying boat rides isn’t going to be a major problem for you. You can still participate in this fun and entertaining activity, as long as you are employing every extra precaution to keep yourself and your baby safe.

Remember: always approach your doctor first for professional medical advice before you even think about booking a boating trip. They know what’s best for you and your child, and they can give you an idea of your limits. Also, make sure to always wear life jackets and be aware of your environment. The motion of boat rides can trigger a number of pregnancy symptoms, so it is better to always be prepared just in case.

Lastly, enjoy your boat ride immensely. It is going to be a memorable experience no matter what, and it is even more special because you are in the middle of your pregnancy. Boating while pregnant isn’t impossible. Try it now with this guide on everything you need to know when boating while pregnant!

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