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Benefits Of Financing Your Next Snowmobile

When it comes to good or bad credit and financing your next snowmobile, don't fall for that trick from a credit broker that says guaranteed approval but works out of an abandoned office building (Trust me they are out there we see them all the time). Westshore Marine has a physical address with on-site in-house snowmobile financing professionals. We are more than happy to sit down with you to arrange your financing or do it over the phone, but one thing we are is tangible, you can actually come visit us if you want, we actually like meeting you and your families! Many snowmobile dealerships use these shady off-site finance professionals because they don't want an extra person on the payroll. We would rather pay someone than have your snowmobile finance applications private information disappear for all to see on the world wide web.

Reasons to use our In-House Snowmobile Financing Team

  • The Process is Easy & Quick
  • We have personalized relationships with the banks so even if you have bad credit, we can usually get you into a new ATV
  • We are one of the largest dealerships in Canada, so we have a significant presence and buying power with the financial institutions and lenders
  • Your information is secure and safe - we don't email, fax or transmit your information for the world to see


Finding the right dealership to help you make your snowmobile purchase is difficult, but rest assured, Westshore Marine, specializes in all things snowmobile related. Lots of smaller dealerships don't have on staff finance specialists to help you get that snowmobile you have been dreaming of while keeping it within your budget. We also offer a huge selection of Polaris Snowmobiles, Yamaha Snowmobiles, along with New and Used Snowmobiles for Sale

We find lots of other dealerships send your private personal information out to individuals that don't even work for the dealership. When it comes to financing, we don't play in the gray like other dealerships; we have on-staff finance professionals to help you in person.


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