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How to Easily Apply for Boat Financing with Westshore Marine

If you are in the market for a new boat and looking at taking advantage of boat financing, Westshore Marine makes it easy as possible for you. Westshore Marine specializes in boat financing, making it as easy as possible to get you and your family out floating in your new boat.

Reasons to use our In-House Boat Financing Team.

  • The Process is Easy & Quick
  • We have personalized relationships with the banks, so even if you have bad credit, we can usually get you into a new or pre-owned boat.
  • We are one of the larger boat dealerships in Canada, so we have more substantial bargaining power with the financial institutions and lenders.
  • Your information is secure and safe - we don't email, fax or transmit your information for the world to see like other smaller dealerships, everything stays in house.


When it comes to finding the right boat dealership to help you finance your next boat, it can be hard. Westshore Marine works with you and your family to make sure we get the right boat while staying in your budget. Westshore Marine also offers the ability for you to take advantage of some great options when financing your next boat, including but not limited to life and disability insurance, extended warranties, discounted VIP Maintenance programs and many other great benefits.

Please fill out your information above to start our Online Secure Boat Financing Process.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Finance a Boat?

Banks and financial institutions allow you to finance a boat for up to 240 months if the boat is a current year. If it is a past model boat, they will let you finance for that 240 months less 12 months.


Can I finance a Boat with Bad Credit?

This is a tricky question, but the answer is yes. We work with many individuals who have had credit-challenged history challenged history to get them out on the water boating. The banks and we know bad things happen to good people. Contact us today and let us work with you to get out enjoying the outdoors.


Can I do Zero Down Boat Financing?

The answer is yes! We offer zero down boat financing, contact us or apply above to see if you qualify!


How Hard is it to Finance a Boat?

Boats, in general, are extremely easy to finance if you are working with the right boat/marine dealership that knows what they are doing. Apply above and let us do the hard work to make it easy for you.


How Old of a Boat Can You Finance?

The answer depends on which financial institution the boat finance company is working with. Typically we see that most banks will finance a boat within 20 years of the current year. For example, if it's 2020 today, they will finance up to the year 2000 boat. The older the boat, the shorter the loan term you will be able to take it over. Depending on your credit score, we have seen banks make the odd exception.


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