Bennington 21 SLX - Review


If affordable and high-end seem like contradicting terms, then you haven't seen the Bennington 21 SLX yet. Bennington has carved a niche of producing some of the world's most premium boats and they are a staple when it comes to luxury boats. While some brands have affordable units that are a drastic reduction in quality and features, the Bennington 21 SLX easily belongs with its more expensive brethren.

Whether you're looking to save money without sacrificing quality or you want a new boat to show off to your friends, the 21SLX is a fantastic vessel that's seaworthy in style.

General Information

Here we'll be discussing general information about the furniture, floor layout, motor, and so on. The 21SLX features benches in front of the captain's chair and a large L-bench in the back. Regardless of which design choice you make, all the chairs are upholstered with a classy Simtex vinyl upholstery with a horizontal diamond-pressed design near the lower lumbar region.

The seats look fantastic, you really must see them to believe how good they are. This is a boat made for showing off while being light on your wallet. Not only do they look great, but they have a pillow-top softness that makes the ride comfortable no matter how fast you go or how choppy the water gets.

The boat's overall length is around 22'. In general, you can fit about 10-12 people here. As a pontoon-style boat, there's really no space underneath the surface. However, there is a pop-up changing room that's perfect if you want to change into trunks or a bikini and take a dip (or just enjoy the sun more). Be sure to snap the curtain in place properly to avoid any embarrassing situations.

This is a single-motor boat that will easily be fast enough for those looking to have fun. We'll cover this more in the performance section, but you can get a good amount of speed from the 21SLX. This boat is more accustomed to lounging, but you'll be surprised at how fast it can go.

The Bennington 21 SLX Features:

  • Feels and looks like a luxury boat but has an affordable price tag, you can easily show this off to friends and family members
  • Equipped for one outboard motor that can reach around 40mph at top speed and around 17-20 for economic cruise
  • Multiple safety features along with features that make riding the boat more convenient
  • A Surprising amount of space; can fit 10-12 people with ease
  • Maintains Bennington's promise to produce luxury boats

If you're looking for a luxury pontoon-style boat that reaches high speeds, can fit multiple people, and looks amazing, then the Bennington 21 SLX is the right boat for you. It's affordable, but nothing about it screams affordability or cut corners. Like every other Bennington model, it's a premium boat that is seaworthy and worthy of your time. Consider this model if you want luxury at a discount without sacrificing anything.


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$35,079 USD


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